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What do I need to know when renting a car to drive Route 66?

What to expect as costs, how to save money, what vehicle to get and some issues for international travelers to consider.

What’s different when riding a motorcycle down Route 66?

Helmet laws, rental deals, what's specific for bikers and motorcycles?What do I need to know when I consider riding Route 66 on a motorcycle?

What are the telecommunication options for international visitors on Route 66?

Find out about SIMs, prepaid plans and the technical difficulties you can expect to encounter.

What are the monetary means for international tourists in the US?

Find out about cash, credit cards and paying for things while in the US.

What does an international tourist need to know about driving in the USA?

Driving in any foreign country is an adaptation, but there are things that can take one by surprise.

What do I need to know about airline tickets for international travelers?

Find out about how to avoid one-way tickets, and when you'll have to pass through immigration and customs.

How do I stay safe while on Route 66?

Adapt your precautions to how much you like to go off the beaten path.

What motel/hotel is right for me?

Figure out if a motel or hotel room is right for you or not before you pay for it. 


Your GPS you use daily might not act like you'd expect to guide you onto Route 66. Find what works and what doesn't.

What to pack for a Route 66 trip?

What to bring on a Route 66 trip so you can travel it most comfartably.

Can I ride Route 66 on a Bicycle?

There are quite some inherent dangers to riding your bicycle down Route 66.

What do I need to know when considering to drive Route 66 in an RV?

Can I save money by renting an RV over a car and motels, and what are the drawbacks of an RV on Route 66?

How long does it take to travel Route 66 end-to-end?

Take your time, once you set foot on Route 66 you are at your destination. Do not rush to the end, that's when the vacation is over.

What season is best for that trip down Route 66?

What you need to know before you pick a time of year when planning that Route 66 trip. 

How long is Route 66?

Find out how long Route 66 was throughout the years.

Which Route 66 alignment do I pick?

In some areas there are multiple versions of Route 66 running one next to the other. Figure out how to pick the best option for you.

Exactly where does Route 66 start and end?

The official endpoints of Route 66 changed over time and the modern markers and signs don't always match with those official endpoints.

How do I start planning my Route 66 trip?

Where to begin planning a trip down Historic Route 66. Includes pointers to other tips you need.