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Turn by turn New Mexico Glenrio – Santa Rosa
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Glenrio – Santa Rosa

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Pete’s Gas Station Museum

Pete’s Gas Station Museum

A vintage gas station that is now a private museum with a selection of vintage ...


Glenrio – Santa Rosa

New Mexico

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2 options are available today starting in Glenrio:

early, unpaved alignment interstate/frontage road

The unpaved road you’re seeing goes on for many miles, take care: San Jon is 19 miles away. Check road conditions and don’t enter when wet.

At the intersection with the closed “ST Loop 504” continue slightly left.

ST loop 504 used to connect Glenrio to the newer version of where I-40 is nowadays, so it’s a part of Route 66.


Continue straight across the intersection with NM-93.


Continue straight at the intersection with Quay Road M.

Newer Bard is located more to the north at the northern side on I-40.

Continue due west on the unpaved road.

Pavent returns as the road bends left for I-40.

San Jon

Enter San Jon on Main Ave.

Continue straight across 4th St. (NM-469) onto the southern frontage road (Historic Route 66).

Continue on I-40 (if you’re in Glenrio, return to Texas and enter I-40 westbound at exit 0).

Use exit 369, continue westbound on the northern frontage road (Quay road 58.5).


Continue straight on the northern frontage Road (Quay RD. 58.5).

Optionally, turning south on Quay Rd. M and heading south for .85 miles brings you to old Bard and the unpaved road.

San Jon

Turn left (=south) at the intersection with 4th St. (NM-469).

Cross I-40 to the south at exit 356.

Make a right on the second road counting from I-40.


Continue west on the southern frontage road.



Turn right (=north) at the intersection with Tucumcari Blvd. (Route 66 Blvd.).

Cross I-40 near exit 335.

Curve left with Tucumcari Blvd (Route 66 Blvd, BL-40) on the north side of I-40 to head west.

Straight across the intersection with Mountain Rd. (US-54-Bypass).

Royal Pallacio on the left.

Cactus Motel on the left.

Palomino Motel on the right.

The beautifully restored Blue Swallow Motel (For sale in Februari 2005) can’t be missed with it’s blue neon. Located at 815 East Route 66 (formerly Tucumcari Blvd.). The motel is currently open and well worth a stay (Summer 2005).

La Cita, the Mexican restaurant with the big sombrero awaits you at the intersection with 1st St. (812 S 1st ST)
[closed on Oct 31 2004]

Sidetrip: Tucumcari Historical Museum at 416 S. Adams St.

Straight across the intersection with 1st St. (NM-104).

Follow Tucumcari Blvd. (BL-40) towards I-40 at exit 329.

Historic Route 66 dead-end is staight where BL-40 turns to rejoin I-40, take a right and continue for 2.5 miles.

Join I-40 westbound at exit 329.

Use exit 321 from I-40 (Palomas).

Larger vehicles should continue till exit 311 (Montoya) [low bridge].

Cross I-40 to the south.

Turn right onto the frontage road.

Turn left at the frontage road onto the old Route 66 which dead-ends near I-40 miles to the east.

Continue on the southern frontage road.

After 4.2 miles, cross under I-40 (tunnel) to the north.

Turn immediately right (=west)towards Montoya between the railroad and I-40.

Continue for 6 miles on the northern frantoage road.


Continue to cross to the south frontage road near exit 311.

Continue on the southern frontage road for 6.2 miles.

Cross I-40 (no access).

The frontage road runs next to the railroad tracks, a bit north of I-40.


Straight across at the intersection with NM-129.

Continue on the road next to the railroad tracks for about 8.2 miles.


Continue west on the northern frontage road for about 0.5 miles.

At the intersection with CR-2C near exit 291:

original recommended

This road is in a bad state of repair. You’re in for 16 miles of bad road, use caution! Use extra caution as the road is overgrown with weeds and had a very uneven cattle guard at the other end (2004). There might be (was so in 2014) a throw gate to exit next to the impassable cattle guard – closed it behind you if you do open it. High clearance vehicle needed to get out, or you can try to turn around and drive all the way back …

Turn right immediately after crossing I-40

Continue on this road southwest for nearly 10 miles.

Turn right (=west) at the intersection with NM-156.

Turn right (=north) at the intersection with US-84.

Cross I-40 near exit 277 onto Will Rogers Dr. (BL-40, US-54, Historic Route 66).

Join I-40 exit 291.

Use exit 277 (Santa Rosa).

Turn right onto Will Rogers Dr. (BL-40, US-54, Historic Route 66).


Follow the left curve of Will Rogers Dr. (BL-40, US-54, Historic Route 66) towars the west into town.

Santa Rosa