Books & Maps

Starter kit

To start planning your trip, we suggest obtaining these books and maps:

BUY ALL 4 ITEMS FROM AMAZON.COM   Why these items? The best guidebook available is the EZ66 guide. Many Route 66 travelers consider it their "bible". Get it up front! The Here It Is! 8 map set is an ideal companion to keep an overview in addition to the maps found in the EZ66 guide. The moon guide provides you with a more traditional travel guide view of a Route 66 road trip. The encyclopedia gives you a lot of background and history on the places you see and visit. It's ideal for those wanting to know more beyond the obvious. The easiest is to buy them from is Even if you are outside of the USA, the .com amazon is the only one that reliably carries all of them and ships worldwide, including the all-important EZ66 guide. Full disclosure: this site earns a tiny fee on sales through our partners. It won't cost the visitor anything extra, but it is what keeps this resource available for free.