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In 1926 only 800 miles of Route 66 were paved

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Starter kit

To get you started in planning your trip, we suggest obtaining these books and maps:

Why these items?

  • The best guidebook available is the EZ66 guide. It's considered by many to be their "bible" for their Route 66 trip. Get it up front!
  • The Here It Is! 8 map set is an ideal companion to keep an overview in addition to the maps found in the EZ66 guide.
  • As part of the experience of traveling Route 66 is to eat and stay in the locally owned mom-and-pop places, a guide designed to help you with that can be crucial.
  • The encyclopedia gives you a lot of background and history on the places you see and visit. It's indispensable for those wanting to know more beyond the obvious.

The easiest place to buy them from is amazon.com. Even if you're located elsewhere in the world, amazon.com is the only place that reliably carries all of them, including the all-important EZ66 guide.