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Books & Maps A Guide Book to Highway 66

A Guide Book to Highway 66

This book is a good source of information about the old road. It’s a reprint of the original 1946 edition. This book lists every community from Chicago to Los Angeles that existed on old Route 66 along with attractions, lodging, and services. 

The book provides an interesting old-time perspective from the road’s heyday. This book would be impossible to use today to follow the road, as it assumes signs are still there to keep you on track and has no Interstates interfering with your path. On the other hand, it features some otherwise hard-to-locate or long forgotten places.

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  • Author: Jack D. Rittenhouse
  • ISBN: 0826311482
  • Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
  • Published: 1989
  • Binding: Paperback