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Turn by turn Oklahoma Vinita – Tulsa
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Vinita – Tulsa

Random point of interest

Grand Motel

Grand Motel

Local legend claims that this is the first motel built in Williams. It opened in 1936.


Vinita – Tulsa


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Mileage: 0


Cross under I-44 at exit 289 on US-60 (US-69, OK-66).

Turn left (=southeast) at the traffic light at the intersection with Wilson St. (OK-2) onto Wilson St. (US-60, US-69, OK-66).

Continue on US-60 (US-69, OK-66) as it curves right.

Continue straight at the intersection with US-69 on US-60 (OK-66).

Continue straight at the intersection with US-60 on OK-66.

Vinita has one of the largest (if not the largest) McDonalds restaurants in the world. It bridges I-44.

White Oak

Continue on OK-66.

Continue as road renames to Layton St. (OK-66).

Country Court motel on the right side of the road.


Continue on OK-66 as it curves left onto Walnut St.

Continue on OK-66.


Continue on OK-66.


Continue straight at the intersection with OK-28.

Sidetrip: 4 miles east on OK-28 is Galloway Park, where a 90 foot totem pole is surrounded by other local art.

A detour onto Andy Floyd Blvd. (to the left) is recommended.

Andy Payne, the winner of the 1928 great american foot race “Bonion Derby” was from Foyil, OK. A memorial is in the small park on Andy Payne Blvd.

Continue on OK-66.


Continue on OK-66.


At the intersection with Stuart Roosa Dr.:

2lane 4lane

Turn right (=west) onto Stuart Roose Dr.

Follow as the road turns left and becomes J.M. Davis Blvd. (=southwest).

J.M. Davis Gun museum.

Straight across will Rogers Blvd. (OK-88, OK-20).

Will Rogers memorial 0.7 miles to the east on Will Rogers Blvd.

Continue south as J.M. Davis Blvd. rejoins Lynn Riggs Blvd. (OK-66).

Continue straight on Lynn Riggs Blvd. (OK-66).


Continue on Lynn Riggs Blvd. (OK-66).

Continue straight on OK-66 when Lynn Riggs ends.


Continue on OK-66.


After crossing the Shipping canal and the Verdigris river:

Railroad bridge to the right.

old alignment bypass

Turn Right onto Old Highway 66.

This piece of road dead-ends about a mile in.

Return to OK-66.

“Cross” OK-66 (turn right, make a U-turn and a very sharp right again at this spot) onto 2225th East Ave (=south).

Curve right onto Old US Highway 66.

Rejoin OK-66 west near Rice St.

Continue straight on OK-66 and miss the fun.

Blue Whale: A giant blue concrete whale sitting in a little pond. The Blue Whale was built in 1970 and subsequently restored in 1997. Located on the west side of OK-66. The park was originally built as a wedding aniversary gift.

Arrowwood Trading post across from the Blue Whale.


Turn right onto Antry Dr. (=northwest)

Turn next left onto Cherokee St. (=southwest)

Beyond the school at the T-intersection, left onto 193rd Ave. (US-167).

Pass under I-44 near exit 240A.

Continue on 193rd Ave. southbound.

Make a right (=west) onto 11th St.

Swap meet and Route 66 BBQ sign at the intersection.