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Turn by turn Oklahoma Tulsa – Davenport
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Tulsa – Davenport

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The L Motel

The L Motel

The L motel was built in the mid 1940's. . The complex was originally built in ...


Tulsa – Davenport


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Mileage: 0

Zooming in on Tulsa:

Continue on 11th St.

Cross under I-44 near exit 235.

Continue on 11th St.

Cross US169.

Continue on 11th St.

At the intersection with Mingo Rd.:

Admiral Pl. 11th St.

Make a right onto Mingo Rd.

Traffic circle (a roundabout): 3rd exit to the west onto Admiral Pl.

Continue on Admiral Pl. for almost 5 miles.

Turn left onto Lewis Ave.

Turn right onto 11th St.

Continue on 11th. St.


Continue on 11th St.

Oaklawn Cemetery.

Cross I-444.

Follow as 11th St. flows into 10th St. (slight right and left turns involved).

Rejoin 11th St. at Boulder Ave.

Straight across at Denver Ave. onto 11th St.

follow curve left onto 12th St.

Cross I-444 (US-64, OK-51).

Curve right with 12th St.

Turn left onto Southwest Blvd.

Cross the Arkansas River

Continue on Southwest Blvd.

Cross US-75 (Okmulgee Bee Line).

Veer right to cross I-244 (Red Fork Expy.) near 41st St.

Continue left on te other side on Southwest Blvd.

Continue straight on Southwest Blvd. across the exchange of I-44, I-244 and the Gilcrease Expy.


Continue Straight at the intersection with 61st St. onto Frankhoma Rd. (Old Sapulpa Rd.).


Continue on Frankhoma Rd. (Old Sapulpa Rd.).


Frankoma Pottery at 9549 Frankoma Rd (closed winter 2004)

Continue straight at the intersection with OK-166 on Frankhoma Rd.

Cross I-44 (Turner Turnpike).

Turn right (=south) onto Mission St. (OK-66).

Diamond Cafe at 408 N. mission St.

Mother Road Automobilia at 408A N. mission St (closed early April 2005)

Turn right onto Dewey Ave. (OK-66, OK-33, US-75-Alt.)

Turn right at the sign for Old 66/Ozark Trail onto Ozark Trail.

Original Rock Creek Bridge (red brick pavement). This bridge is in a bad state of repair but a real classic.

Former TeePee Drive-in (left side).

Cross under railroad bridge.

Turn right back onto OK-66 (OK-33).

Continue straight at the intersection with OK-33 near I-44;’s exit 211.

Reconnect with SR66 at intersection of SR33 and I-44


Continue on OK-66.

Near Kellyville: old (undrivable) alignment on the left as the current road veers away from the railroad.

Cross I-44.

After 0.65 miles, turn right onto Old State Highway 66.

Follow this road for about 1.5 miles and rejoin OK-66.

Continue on OK-66 as it curves right.

As OK-66 curves left, turn left onto E0770 Rd.

Turn left (=south) at the intersection with OK-48.

As OK-48 curves left, turn left onto N3720 Rd.

Cross straight onto N3720 Rd. (Old 66 Hwy) at the intersection with OK-66 (OK-48).

Rejoin OK-66 (OK-48) to the right.

Cross I-44.


Continue on OK-66 (OK-48).

Continue as the road renames to Main St. (OK66, OK-48)

Turn right at the intersection with 4th Ave. (OK-66).

Follow left curve onto Roland st. (OK-66).

Continue as the road renames to OK-66.


Continue on OK-66.

Take left as the road splits between 241st. St. (E0830 Rd.) and OK-66 onto OK-66.


pre 1939 post 1939 bypass

Turn left (=south) onto Flynn Ave.

Turn right (=west) onto Main St.

Turn right (=north) onto Ladd Ave.

Turn left (=west) onto OK-66.

Continue on OK-66.


Continue on OK-66.

Multiple opportunities to drive an old alignment just right of OK-66.

When encountering a Y-shaped intersection, stay with OK-66, the other side turns to I-44 and is not Route 66.


Continue straight on OK-66 at the intersection with Graham Rd. (N3580 Rd.).

After 0.25 miles, turn right onto an old alignment on the right “Old US Hwy 66”.

Straight across Milfany Rd.

Rejoin OK-66 just befor ethe intersection with Allied Rd. (N3570 Rd.).

Continue on Main St. (OK-66).

Rock Cafe at the intersection of 8th Ave. (OK-99) and Main St. (Ok-66).

Upon leaving Stroud, continue on OK-66.


Continue on OK-66 as it curves left.