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Bank Of Oro Grande

Bank Of Oro Grande




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Continue on the south I-40 frontage road through Erick
Halfway to Hext from Erick, frontage road crosses to northern side of I-40
Heading to Sayre, cross river, take 4th street (US-283)
Bear right on BL-40 through Sayre
Take Northern Service Road towards Elk City
Service road will jog south of I-40 once towards Elk City
As soon as the road jogs, hang a left past the Texaco station across I-40.
In Elk City, Get to 3rd Street.
Follow BL-40 to Van Buren, BL-40 is also SR34i
(Weak directions here)
Follow northern frontage road East, cross to south side, to Canute
Follow southern frontage road East, cross to north, south, north again.
Past Foss, cross to south side. Ignore 2 chances to cross north.
Cross North, at I-40 take 10th St. North into Clinton
Turn Right onto Gary Blvd.
At Yield sign (may not be facing you!) turn Left onto frontage road (?) East
Follow North Frontage Road East, cross over I-40 to South Frontage Road
Skip next opportunity to cross I-40
cross I-40, at |– intersection , turn Right
Take North Frontage Road 6 miles (Ignore SR54) to Weatherford
Turn right on Rainey
Left onto 4th Street, Cross the Railroad
Go left onto Main Street
Left onto Washington
Right onto E. Main Street, Follow onto North I-40 Frontage Road
Bear left before the freeway
Follow North Frontage Road through Hydro, to Bridgeport
Take US-281 North to Geary
Take US-270 East to Calumet
Continue on US-270 (it bears South) back to North Side I-40 Frontage Road
Follow Frontage Road East for about 5-6 miles to Fort Reno
Follow SR66 East to El Reno. Becomes Sunset [Rd].
Right onto Choctaw
Left onto Wade
Right onto Rock Island Rd. This becomes SR66
Follow SR66 East through Yukon
Exit Yukon on Mustang Rd.
Follow East, over Old Bridge (Not Overholser)

  • (It’s not easy to get to the old bridge, so Overholser may have to do)

Get back on 4-Lane SR66 East through Bethany, to War Acres
SR66 becomes 39th Street
Take 39Th Street East, Into Oklahoma City, Right onto Western Ave.
Left onto 23rd St., Left onto Lincoln Blvd.
Right onto 50th Street, left onto Kelley Ave. for approximately 5 Miles
Kelley dead-ends into Memorial Road.
Take Memorial Road, then a quick right turn.
Left onto US77 North, 77 is also named Broadway. Go on it a few miles.
Get back on SR66 East, go through Edmond, Arcadia
Turn right on SR66, go through Luther
Follow through Wellston, Pass under I-44
After Wellston, pass under railroad
Continue East on SR66 to Chandler
Follow SR66 East through Davenport, Stroud, Milfay, Depew
Follow curves into Bristow
Follow SR66 East to Kellyville
Follow SR66 to Intersection of SR33 and I-44.
SR66 becomes Dewey, Left onto SR66 (Mission) into Salupa
Follow SR66 NE to Southwest Blvd. in Oakhurst
Follow 66E. It joins 44E. Stay on 66/44E.
When they split apart again, follow 66E.
Follow it through Catoosa, into Verdigris
Take Lynn Riggs Blvd.
SR66 NE through Claremore, Sequoia, Foyil, Chelsea, White Oak
Take US60/69 East to Vinita
66 becomes 66E.
In Vinita, 60/66 turns right on Illinois Ave., and becomes 59/66/69.
Take US59/69 SE through Afton
Cross I-44, follow US59/69 through Narcissa, Dotyville
When approaching Miami, Take Steve Owens Blvd.
Turn Left onto Main Street.
Take US69 North to Commerce
US69 is Mickey Mantle Blvd. in Commerce. Follow it.
Take US-69 Alt North through Quapaw, into Kansas

Description courtesy of Kelly Cash