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Turn by turn Missouri Waynesville – Springfield
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Waynesville – Springfield

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Galena Signpost

Galena Signpost


Waynesville – Springfield


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Enter Waynesville on MO-Z (S. Outer Road).

Continue straight at the intersection with Missouri Ave. (I-44 Spur) near exit 161 onto I-44 Business Loop (Old Route 66).

Continue on I-44 Business Loop (Old Route 66) across I-44 at exit 159.

Continue straight onto MO-17 (I-44-BL, Historic 66) at the Intersection with MO-17.

5.5 miles beyond Waynesville, turn left to continue on MO-17

Cross I-44 at exit 153.

Continue on MO-17.


1927 alignment bypass

1927 alignment

Turn right (west) onto MO-P at the intersection of with MO-P and MO-NN.


Turn left at the fork onto MO-AA

Turn right at the T-intersection with MO-AB

Continue on MO-17.

Continue straight onto MO-AB at the intersection of MO-17 and MO-AB (do not follow MO-17 as it turns left).


continue west on MO-AB (Seminole Ln.)

Continue straight at the intersection with MO-133 onto Heartwood Rd. (Route 66), MO-AB turns north here.


Continue straight at the intersection with MO-N onto MO-N.

Continue straight at the intersection with MO-T onto Glacierpoint Rd. (Historic Route 66). MO-N turns north across I-44 at exit 140.

Turn right at the intersection with MO-F.

Cross I-44 to the north-west at exit 135.

Turn left onto Historic Route 66 (Pecos Dr.).


Continue as the road renames to Seminole St. (Historic Route 66).

Munger Moss Motel, at 236 E Seminole (renamed to 1336 E Route 66). A historic Motel built in 1946.

Wrink’s Market at 135 Wrinkle Ave on your right. Wrink’s Market was open until March 2005 when Glenn Wrinkle passed away. It was opened in 1950.

Turn right at the T-intersection with Millcreek Rd. (I-44 loop) near exit 130.

Keep left at the Y-intersection onto Elm St. (BL-44) (do not follow Millcreek Rd.).

Straight across Jefferson Ave. (MO-32).

On Aug 16th, 2004 the Lebanon-Laclede County Route 66 Museum will open at 915 S. Jefferson Ave in the Library.

Turn right onto MO-W (Historic Route 66) west of town at near exit 127.

Continue straight at the intersection with Dove Rd. near exit 123.


Turn left at the intersection with MO-C, onto MO-C (Historic Route 66).

Cross I-44 near exit 118.

Continue as the road renames to Pine St. (MO-C).

Turn sharp right onto MO-CC (Main St., Historic Route 66).

Continue as the road renames to Newport Ave. (MO-CC, Historic Route 66).


Continue on MO-CC (Newport Ave., Historic Route 66).

Continue on MO-CC.


Continue on MO-CC.


Continue as the road renames to Hubble Dr. (MO-CC).

Continue straight at the intersection with Jackson St. (MO-38) onto Washington St (MO-38).

Turn left to continue on Washington St (MO-OO) as MO-38 turns right onto Spur Dr. (MO-38).

Continue on MO-OO


Continue straight on MO-OO at the intersection with MO-B near exit 96.

Northview itself is to the south

Continue on MO-OO


Continue on MO-OO


Continue on MO-OO. MO-OO is also named Main St. in Strafford.

Continue straight on Main St. (MO-OO) at the intersection with Mo-135 south of exit 88.

Continue on MO-OO


Continue on MO-OO


Continue straight onto Kearney St. (MO-744, MO-OO) at the intersection with Fram Road 199 near exit 84.