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Turn by turn Illinois Westbound Funks Grove
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Westbound Funks Grove

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66 Motel

66 Motel


Westbound Funks Grove

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Map courtesy of Stefan Joppich – Legend

Continued from Normal/Bloomington.

Continue on Beich Rd.


Continue on Old Route 66 next to the railroad.

Continue straight at the intersections with CR-34.

Left on CR-34

Cross over I-55

Next right onto CR-41 (right after the exit).

Continue for 1.7 miles.

Once CR-41 veers away from the Interstate, you’re on an early alignment of the Pontiac Trail (one of the predecessors to Route 66).

Left on the driveway.

Funk Prairie Home and Gem and Mineral Museum
(Reservations required!)

Head back to Old Route 66.

The 1926 alignment due south is immediately next on your left (dead-end).

Continue on Old Route 66 next to the railroad.

Funk’s Grove

Founded in 1825 by Isaac Funk, actually very small as the population never got above 50 people.

Continue on Old Route 66 next to the railroad.

Right on Funks Rd. (CR-36)


Cross the railroad tracks.

General store

Funk’s Grove depot

Next left (=south) onto 725 East Rd.

Follow as it turns right (=west) onto 550 North Rd.

Continue for 0.7 mile on 550 North Rd.

Left (=south) on 725 East Rd.

Continue for 0.3 mile.

Sharp right (=northwest) onto 525 North Rd.

After 0.2 mile, on your right:

Funk’s Grove Cemetery

Funk’s Grove Church

Head back to Old Route 66.

There is a short stretch of old Route 66 to the left of your location closer to the rest stop on I-55.
Access it by turning left on CR-36.
Both sides at the T-intersection are the 1926 Route 66 alignment, but the stretch ends at the first turn on either side.

Funks’s Grove Pure Maple Sirup

Continue on Old Route 66 next to the railroad.


Follow Old Route 66 as it curves left (=south) onto Steward Rd.

Follow the curve right (=west) onto Carlyle St.

Left (=south) onto Main St.

Dixie Truckers Home

Rigth (=west) on US-136 to the railroad tracks.

Turn left before the track.

Head for Atlanta, IL.