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Turn by turn California Upland – Pasadena
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Upland – Pasadena

Random point of interest

Route 66 Park

Route 66 Park

The park has an outstanding display of art that celebrates the city's rich arts community


Upland – Pasadena


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Continue straight at the intersection with Euclid Ave (CA-83).

Upland’s Madonna of the trails on the southeastern corner of this intersection is in honor of the pioneer women and their efforts.

Buffalo Inn, a landmark serving a.o. Buffalo Burgers at 1814 W Buffalo Bvd.

Continue on Foothill Blvd. (CA-66).


Known for having 7 colleges.

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden on the right just before Indian Hill Blvd. (at 1500 College Ave.).

Claremont Griswold center at the intersection with Indian Hill Blvd. Find art, food in an Art Deco old shool house.

Continue on Foothill Blvd. (CA-66) [1931 alignment].


You might very well miss your passing of Pomona. It’s less than a mile in the utmost northern part of Pomona where you’ll drive.

Continue on Foothill Blvd. (CA-66) as it curves slightly to the right.

La Paloma (aka Wilson’s Restaurant) at the northwest corner of the intersection with Garey Ave.

La Verne

D St. to the south is the historic center.

Use the left lanes as you approach I-210 to avoid the on-ramp.

Pass under I-210.

Stay with Foothill Blvd.

San Dimas

Pinnacle Pete’s Steak House on the right, a true roady doesn’t wear a tie when on the road, so no risk for you, but the evidence is on the wall.

Continue on Foothill Blvd. (CA-66).


Continue on Foothill Blvd. (CA-66).

At the intersection with Amelia Ave.:


I’m unsure this is a true Route 66 routing.

Turn right onto Amelia Av., left onto Foothill Blvd.

Continue across the intersection with Citrus Av.

Follow as Alosta changes back into Foothill Blvd.

Most common Routing

Continue straight at the intersection with Amelia Ave onto Route 66 (Alosta Ave.)

Alosta Ave. has been renamed to Route 66.

At the Y-Intersection with Compromise Line Rd., keep left to stay with Alosta Ave.

Cross under the railroad tracks.

Golden Spur: Today’s upscale restaurant has an history dating back at least 80 years when their visitors road horses.

1940’s gas station at the intersection with Loraine Ave.


Continue on Route 66 (Alosta Ave.).

Continue straight across Citrus Ave.

Continue as Alosta Ave. curves north to rejoin Foothill Blvd.

Continue on Foothill Blvd.

Foothill Drive-in Theatre on the right, half a mile on Foohill Blvd.

One of the original McDonalds restaurants, before the franchising from 1954 is just west of the drive-in.

The Wells Fargo bank at the intersection with Azusa Ave. (CA-39) is a historic bank building.

Cross under the railroad.

At the right on Georgia Ave was the site of a classic Neon sign.


Cross the San Gabriel River.

Continue as Foothill Blvd. turns into Huntington Dr.

Cross the San Gabriel river.


Trails restaurant on the north side with a tall sign.

continue on Huntington Dr.


At the intersection with Shamrock Ave.:

Pre 1933 Post 1933
Turn right (=north) on Shamrock Ave.

Site of old gas station.

Turn left (=west) on Foothill Blvd.

The landmark Aztec Motel is on the right at 311 W. Foothill Blvd.


Turn left (=south) on Santa Anita Ave.

Cross I-210 (Foothill Fwy.).

Cross the railroad.

Turn left on Huntington Dr.

Continue straight on Huntington Dr.

Pottery barn at the intersection with Mayflower Ave.

Cross I-210 (Foothill Fwy.).


Cross the railroad.

Art Deco building on the right beyond 1st Ave.

Continue straight on Huntington Dr. at the intersection with Santa Anita Ave.


Santa Anita Racetrac, to the south of Route 66 is a art-deco architectural example of the 1930s. Fmous for horse races and their regular famous attendees. Used in the second world war as a detention camp for Japanse Americans.

Continue on Huntington Dr.

On the west side of Arcadia, turn right at the Y-intersection onto Colorado Place.

Continue straight as Colorado Blvd. joins from the right onto Colorado Blvd.