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Romeoville | Chicago


Map courtesy of Stefan Joppich - Legend

Continued from Chicago.


At the intersection with Harlem Ave. (IL-43), a choice of alignments is available:

pre 1928 post 1928

Continue on Ogden Ave. (US-34) at the intersection with Harlem Ave. (IL-43)

Lyons / Riverside

At the intersection of Ogden Ave. with Harlem Ave., the north side of the road is part of Riverside, IL, the south side it part of Lyons, IL. This is for about .6 miles till after the crossing over the Des Plaines River.

Cross the Des Plaines River.


Continue on Ogden Ave. at the intersection with Joliet Ave.

Hofmann Tower

Continue as Ogden Ave. turns slight left.

Turn left onto Lawndale Ave.

Lawndale Ave. the one-way northbound section just east of where you turn is the original aligment (on the other side of the Snowflake Drive In).

Cross 47th St.


Turn right on Joliet Rd. to rejoin the later alignment.

As you enter Lyons, turn south (=left) at the White Castle onto Harlem Ave. (IL-43).


For abut a quarter of a mile, Stickney is on the east side of the road between Pershing Rd. (39th St) and 41st St.

Former site of the Fairyland Park

After about 0.4 mile, turn southwest (=right) just past the Chevrolet dealer onto Joliet Rd.


Follow Joliet Rd. as it winds trough Lyons.

Cross the Des Plaines River.


Continue straight at the intersection with Lawndale Ave.

Rejoin at the intersection of Joliet Rd. and Lawndale Ave.,
heading south on Joliet Rd.

Continue on Joliet Road.

Cross under IL-171.

Cross over the railroad tracks.

General Motors Electro-Motive on the right.

There is a detour in McCook due to Route 66 being closed for all traffic, Joliet Rd. runs between two quarries, is structurally damaged and unlikely to reopen any time soon. On the southern side you can drive a short section of the old road.

Turn right onto 55th St. and turn next left onto East Ave. to rejoin Joliet Rd. with a right turn after 0.5 mile.


Hodgkins is on the south side of Joliet Rd. for half a mile. Countryside is at the north side.

Continue on Joliet Rd.

Continue straight at the intersection with La Grange (US-45, US-20, US-12).


Continue on Joliet Rd.

Wishing Well Motel

Indian Head Park

Continue on Joliet Rd.

Pass under I-294 (Tri State Tollway).

Burr Ridge

Continue on Joliet Rd.

Enter I-55 southbound at exit 277.

Joliet road disappears under I-55.

Exit immediately to North County Line Rd. at exit 276B.

To the west there is a dead-end short stretch of Joliet Rad. acting as frontage road as well:
- Turn right on Carriage Way Dr.
- Turn immediately right again onto N. Frontage Rd. (Joliet Rd.)
- The Route 66 stretch is the short 0.4 mile stretch where Joliet Road parallels I-55 before it dead-ends.

Turn left onto Veterans Blvd (formerly Case Dr.)

Turn next left onto Joliet Rd. (N. Frontage Rd.).


Continue on Joliet Rd. (northern frontage rd.).

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket.

Optionaly one can get back onto I-55 at exit 274 (I-55 is a Route 66 alignment out here).

To connect to the frontage road/Joliet Rd. further on we can also travel (by leaving Route 66, but not entering I-55):

Right (=north) on Quincy St.

Next left (=west) on Midway Dr.

Straight across IL-38 (if too dangerous, make a right and come back to this intersection)

Left (=south) on Clarendon Hills Rd.

Right (=west) on Joliet Rd.(frontage rd.) just before the bridge.

As the frontage road parallels I-55 again, you also rejoin the old alignment of Route 66

There is a short, almost forgotten, alignment on the south side of I-55 just west of exit 274 (most likely Bonnie Brae Ln.)


If you are on I-55, continue on I-55.

Right (=west) after the frontage road takes you away from I-55 for exit 273, onto Hinswood Dr.

There is a short section of frontage road that once was a Route 66 alignment on the other side on the exit structure.

Immediately left (=south) onto Cass Ave.

Next right to enter I-55 at exit 273 towards Saint Louis.

Continue on I-55.


Continue on I-55.

Continue to Romeoville.