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GPS: an introduction

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a system that determines your position by receiving signals from 24 Satellites. Knowning exactly where you are is the first step towards not getting lost. It also allows to determine where to go next.

Traditional route planning software will hardly ever select old Route 66 on it's own as the proposed route. Therefore tricking such software to steer you on the right track is a lot of work. Adding places of interest on those maps completes the job into a useful tool while traveling the mother road.

If part of your kick of traveling route 66 is getting lost and searching to get back on track, then by all means avoid this technology as that's exactly what it will try to prevent.
However not finding Route 66 can take the fun out of the experience with great ease.

We're listing here all known solutions that focus on Route 66 and try to make sure you can get the different parts of the solution that fit best to your needs.


If you have data files for other types of GPS hardware/software please contact us if you would allow this site to distribute it.