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In 1926 only 800 miles of Route 66 were paved

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Continue on OK-66 as it curves left onto Broadway (south).

Continue on OK-66 as it curves right onto 6th St. (west).

Sidetrip: Main St. is paved with bricks from a local making.

Continue on OK-66.


Lincoln Motel on the right as you enter Chandler.

Continue on OK-66 as it curves left onto Manvel Ave. (OK-18) (=south).

Turn right at the south end of town onto 15th St, (OK-66, OK-18).

Straight across at the intersection with OK-18 onto OK-66 (15th St.).

Continue on OK-66 out of town.


Continue on OK-66 as it curves left.

Pass under the railroad

Continue on OK-66 as it curves right.

Continue straight across the intersection with US-177.

Continue on OK-66 out of town.

Seaba Filling Station is located 1 mile beyond the intersection with US-177.


Pass under I-44 near exit 158.

At the Y-intersection of OK-66 and Hayes Dr. (OK-66-BR):

pre-1933 post-1933

Turn right onto Hayes Dr. (OK-66-BR).

Continue on OK-66-BR as it curves right onto Ash Ave. (OK-66-BR).

Continue on OK-66-BR as it curves left onto 2nd St. (OK-66-BR).

Continue on OK-66 out of town.

Rejoin OK-66 westbound.

Pioneer camp with Totems.

Continue straight onto OK-66 and miss the fun.


Continue on OK-66.


Old gas station and store as you enter Luther.

Continue straight at the intersection onto 192nd St. (Danford Rd., OK-66) as you leave Luther.

Continue through the curves left and right. on 192nd St. (OK-66, Danford Rd.).

Little Brother's gas station.

Historical marker for the end of the landrush.

20's gas station on the right.

Continue as the Ok-66 curves right and left.

To the left is an old section of OK-66, unclear if it once was Route 66 at this point.


Continue on OK-66 as it curves southwest away from 5th St.

HillBillie's BBQ and Old Store as you enter town.

Round barn: built in 1898, and nicely restored.

Continue on OK-66 as you leave town.

Continue on OK-66 (2nd St.) as OK-66 joins 2nd St.

Cross I-35 (US-77) at exit 141.

pre-1954 post-1954

Continue straight as US-77 joins at this exit onto 2nd St. (US-77).


Turn left onto Broadway (US 77).

Exit Broadway (US-77) at Memorial Rd./Kelley Ave. as you exit Edmond.

Turn left (=south) at the stop at the end of the ramp.

Turn left (=east) onto Memorial Rd.

Pass under Broadway (US-77).

Turn immediately right (=south) onto Kelley Ave.

Memorial Park Cemetery on the left.

Cross John Kilpatrick Tpke. (no access).

Continue on Kelley Ave. southbound

Turn right onto I-44 West at exit 128B.

Take next exit 128A to State Capitol.

To avoid interstates completely, use 50th St. to cross towards Lincoln Blvd.

Turn left to enter I-35 at exit 141 towards downtown.

At the intersection with John Kilpatick Tpke. and I-44, continue straight onto I-35 south and I-44 west).

At the split of I-44 and I-35, Choose I-44 west.

Exit at I-44 at exit 128A (to state capitol).


Continue south on Lincoln Blvd.

Oklahoma City

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