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Tall Paul - the Bunyon Giant

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Built in1960s
StatusRestored, relocated to Atlanta, IL
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Built in the 1960s (like all 150 or so muffler men ever made), Tall Paul was destined to be promoting mufflers at services stations (hence the name muffler men). In 1965 he was bought by Hamlet Arthur Stephen, owner of Bunyon's Hotdogs in Cicero. Tall Paul was changed to promote hotdogs instead, and in his career he got a collection of bullet holes and even arrows in his body.

When Bunyon's Hotdogs closed, his owners loaned him to Atlanta and after restoration he was put on a vacant lot on Arch St. (between Race St and Vine St.), the old Route 66 alignment in 2003.

Tall Paul is made of fiberglass.