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Discuss Route66

Discuss Route66

The forum has been replaced

The forum closed on May 24th, 2018.

We have shut down the forum on May 24th, 2018.

As a replacement, we are providing our users and visitors with:

The reason for this move was twofold:

  • First and foremost there is new legislation (“GDPR”) in Europe that became enforcable on May 25th, that is next to impossible to comply with for a forum based on phpBB. The combination of software that’s nowhere near to being up to the extreme requirements of the regulations, with the risk of monster fines (up to 20 million EUR) was just not an option.
  • The second reason is a slowly declining participation of new users in our forum. Forums are on the way out. Social media have been replacing it rapidly, and esp. for younger populations a forum isn’t what they seek any longer.

We fully understand the irony of a law that’s being sold to the public as having the goal of protecting your privacy, forcing us to make you give up the safety we were offering, and instead suggest you use Facebook, which is not particularly known for caring a lot about the privacy of its users.