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Often we get the question of how long Route 66 is, and the different numbers out there seem to confuse people even more.

What needs to be emphasized is that Route 66 underwent many changes over the years. Some major examples are the extension of Route 66 from downtown LA to Santa Monica, the removal of the Santa Fe and Los Lunas Loops and generally bypassing of towns and slowly getting to a state where Route 66 was being replaced by the Interstates.

Illinois 301 287 284
Missouri 317 321 316
Kansas 13 13 13
Oklahoma 432 397 404
Texas 186 175 175
New Mexico487 380 379
Arizona 401 406 395
California314 326 314
Total 244823042278

Please note these are approximate numbers and you'll find more numbers out there. Also, note that today you cannot drive any of those alignments continuously anymore, you need to mix and match the different alignments.

Data courtesy of Stefan Joppich

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